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Meet Jordan H Anderson, CPP

I work at the intersection of accounting, technology, and hospitality. I spend nearly every day thinking about how we can use technology to make accounting more engaging and seamless for businesses. During the day, I handle payroll for thousands of restaurants, bars, law firms, manufacturers, and more around the country. While my specialty resides in the world of hospitality, my knowledge far extends beyond the industry. I am currently the VP of Operations/Payroll for an accounting firm in Michigan where I oversee day-to-day operations and ensure the cogwheel keeps turning. I am a frequent speaker and over the last few years, I have immersed myself in the world of consulting with the singular goal of assisting businesses with strategic growth, risk and regulatory protocols, tech solutions, and tax credit retrieval. I have a BS.c in Business Administration with a focus on Supply Chain Management, A.A.S in Accounting, and am a CPP with the American Payroll Association.

The Long Version

It has always frustrated me that accounting --- particularly the technology side --- is incredibly painful and disengaging for so many business owners. I am an ardent believer that new technologies, coupled with digital content, meticulously built, and carefully deployed, are our best bets for creating accounting systems that scale. I’m particularly passionate about bringing the highest quality tools and methods as they relate to accounting to business owners outside of the selective “Will Hunting’s” of the world. In accounting, that’s about considering the often-forgotten needs of, say, a struggling restaurant owner that does not have all the connections in the world or time to learn sophisticated software, accounting rules, regulations, new tax credits, etc. And in the business world, it is about seeing how brilliant accounting education done right can change the trajectory of business owners for the better. Accounting should not be a topic that business owners dread. I long to change this.

My projects are varied, but all focus on accounting and technology in one way or another. ERT.Credit is my latest baby in helping businesses around the country obtain a specialized tax credit. Known as the Employee Retention Credit, this incentive came to fruition under the CARES Act, effectively allowing for a sizable cash refund back from the IRS for keeping your staff employed and on payroll. For many businesses, the credit is worth up to $26K per employee. I have calculated credits as low as $5,000 and credits that have ballooned into the realm of 7-figures. Due to a number of changes to the rules and regulations surrounding the credit, many businesses have failed to take advantage and have effectively left tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table. When the program ends, business owners will have left tens of billions of dollars on the table that could and should have been rightfully claimed.

Outside of ERT.Credit, I spend a lot of time speaking about the need to rethink and disrupt traditional approaches to accounting so that we can meet the needs of more business owners.

And for someone who really wants to see the accounting sector get its act together, I also live it and respect it, and it has been a big part of my life. My grandmother was an accountant (as was her mother), my mother is an accountant, and I have landed on the same playing field. It is in my blood. This is what I do.


What others are saying

  • “I found ERT.Credit on Facebook when browsing one day. I was initially skeptical about paying for this service ahead of receiving my checks. Kash at ERT.credit explained that this is a government program funded by the US Treasury. Unlike the PPP, this was guaranteed. I confirmed what they told me by doing my own research. ERT.Credit makes the process very easy and the best part is that they actually go above and beyond to maximize the credit. I was blown away by the refund I am getting back!”


    Eris E.

    Owner French Bakery (Chicago, IL)

  • “Like a lot of ERT.Credit's first few customers, I knew Jordan (CEO ERT.Credit) well. He ate at our restaurant often and we became friends. So, when Jordan first told us about the credit, all we had to go on was our relationship. Jordan did not take this lightly. He spent all the time necessary to help us get comfortable and understand this credit. He was not satisfied until I was, and he let me know that from the beginning. From pulling payroll records to the amended financial reports, he handled everything from start to finish.”

    ”Thank you, Jordan, and ERT.Credit. The money showed up and with interest! What a pleasant surprise.”


    Beth H.

    Owner Seafood Restaurant & Bar (Birmingham, MI)

  • My accountant was not a reliable source for information about this credit.“

    “I attended a webinar about the credit put on by the National Restaurant Association. My accountant knew nothing about it. I called Jordan and it was clear he was well-versed on the credit and was able to quickly lay out the process to claim the credit. Jordan had already done this credit a few times for several other customers I was aware of. He wrapped things up rather quickly for me. I have sent all my fellow restaurant friends to ERT.Credit. My friends were deeply appreciative of the service they received.“

    “It is still early. If you want to get this filed for maximum benefit and do it fast, just use ERT.Credit.“


    John S.

    Owner Pizza Chain Franchise (Detroit, MI)