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We are founded by an expert team of payroll and tax specialists coupled with technology leaders who are on a mission to make it very simple for businesses to claim their Employee Retention Credit.

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We believe almost every small to medium size organization in the USA can claim the Employee Retention Credit (ERC).

We designed and built a system that allows us to compute the ERC for any organization with fewer than 500 employees within 48 hours.

At ERT.credit, you have a team of dedicated payroll tax specialists and technologists with over 40 years of combined experience building and constantly refining automated systems that maximize benefits for you.

We want to make claiming your Employee Retention Credit simple

Getting the ball rolling is simple. We only require basic information about your organization that includes type of business, number of employees, PPP loans (if received) and ownership percentage. The process takes all of 5 minutes.

About us Details
About us Details

Our process

We do all the heavy lifting. Our simple 8-step process makes it extremely efficient and quick. The process is completely electronic and requires very little work on the part of our clients. We support our clients through the process until we provide the final deliverables. We then stand by our clients for the entire duration of working with their payroll company and receiving the retention tax credit checks from the IRS. Our support line remains open.


Trusted Team With Over 40 Years of Finance & Technology Experience.

Trusted by 100s of small to medium-sized businesses.

Team Member

Jordan Anderson

Founder & ERC Expert

Team Member

Kash Badami

Co-Founder & COO

Team Member

Greg Harris

Full Stack Developer UI/UX

Team Member

Lucas Tony

Full Stack Developer - Backend Services

Hero Background

Trusted by 100's of small to medium-sized businesses

We have been harnessing the power of technology to build financial solutions for over 40 years.






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